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China's stoking the fire

By Marc Plumb

I think it's well known that the Chinese government is subliminally fanning the flames of nationalism, not only with the Taiwan issue, but also encouraging hatred of the Japanese and foreigners in general.

Without the "mission" of uniting the motherland, there would be no reason to continue the myth of Mao Zedong's (毛澤東) communism, since all his other beliefs and policies have been proven to be unproductive, backwards and economically unsound.

In addition, if the Chicoms do not manipulate the focus of the sheeple [sic], the masses may finally get a backbone again (like in 1989) and complain about bigger, more important issues and cause real social instability and leadership change.

Ironic issue one: Taiwan is one of the key factors making it possible for China to do so well in attracting capital and technology. [The Taiwanese] not only invest in factories, equipment, technology transfers, supply chains, etc, but also spend a lot of time and money on educating the engineers and workers. What do they get in return? They get 706 missiles pointed at them.

Ironic issue two: It is amazing to see the Chinese being so gullible and blind to the true value of what Taiwan represents to them.

Instead of seeing Taiwan as a bright light in their future and something to strive toward (less corruption, more transparency in banking/investment/judiciary, relatively cleaner environment, leadership elected by the people, etc), all they see is the "more important" issue of reunification.

It seems that if they were smart, they would use Taiwan as an example to challenge their leaders that democracy will work in a Chinese society. They should demand nothing less from their government.

Ironic issue three: I think there would not even be a separation issue if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership would only give the Taiwanese some dignity and respect.

It seems that many Taiwanese feel deep down that they are part of a larger Chinese society.

Perhaps if China makes a gesture of friendship, such as removing the missiles and declaring that it would never use force, Taiwan can do something in return, such as giving back the national treasures (with the stipulation that one-third has to always be on display in Taiwan and will also be protected when the CCP finally loses power).

If only it were so easy. Obviously China has even bigger problems and issues to deal with. Securing energy resources stands out, which necessitates a strong military and a continual brainwashing of the people.

Marc Plumb


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