Sun, Jul 18, 2004 - Page 8 News List

`One China' means slavery

By Daniel McCarthy

The opinion piece by Zhang Jia-lin (章嘉琳) ("What does `one China' truly mean?" July 12, page 8) contained the same old arrogant and condescend-ing tone that has been coming out of Beijing for decades.

Zhang's writing also contains logical contradictions, such as the idea that Taiwan is not a province of the China and there are in fact "two Chinas," but Taiwan is part of China.

Only the twisted logic of a fundamental religious zealot could reach such a conclusion, but then again, "one China" appears to be a religious belief with many followers eager to prove their zealotry.

It is interesting that the core value of the "one China" ideology is a desire to dominate and oppress the people of Taiwan, rather than showing love and kindness based on a relationship of kinship.

It is no wonder then that although the Taiwanese people love peace and prosperity, they would risk war and destruction to avoid being governed by the likes of Zhang and his ilk.

Daniel McCarthy

United States

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