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In the past, whenever we have had a crisis in the UK, The Sun, although a tabloid newspaper, has always taken up this kind of challenge to great effect.

Michael Wise


China should be condemned

As an expatriate and a resident of Taiwan I am appalled at the way in which China has dealt with the entire SARS situation.

It may be true to say that Taiwan has not handled the prevention of SARS expertly. However, Taiwan has not had the backing or the experience of the World Health Organization (WHO) assisting them at every level. Beijing has prevented this. This blatant lying and not allowing or encouraging the WHO to assist Taiwan is tantamount to murder.

The world appears terrified of upsetting China. Why, I have no idea. True, it is a force to be reckoned with, but quite frankly who wants to deal with a nation or a government that is clearly irresponsible and concerned only over its own fate?

China should be punished, either by revoking its WHO membership or a reconsideration of awarding Beijing the Olympics. Perhaps, however, as they say, all things that go around come around, and this time maybe China has shot itself in the foot.

Steven Altman


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