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Citibank embraces three-stage creativity initiative

EMPOWERING COMPASSION:The bank has pioneered a second-hand toy stop-motion animation camp

Citibank Taiwan Head of Government Affairs and Country Corporate Affairs April Pan, left, on Friday participates in an award ceremony for the bank’s pioneering camp for stop-motion animation made using second-hand toys.

Photo provided by Citibank Taiwan

For two consecutive years, Citibank Taiwan has embraced the idea of a circular economy by joining forces with the Taiwan Toy Library Association to collect more than 1,000 second-hand toys each year, all donated by employees. Through a three-stage creativity initiative, Citibank Taiwan has given these toys a new lease of life, while at the same time spreading the compassion of Citibank staff to others.

The donated toys have become new companions for more than 10,000 children both in Taiwan and abroad, helping to create a host of wonderful childhood memories for their new owners. Additionally, Citibank Taiwan has combined second-hand toys with audio-video creative works to develop a pioneering first in Taiwan: a stop-motion animation camp using second-hand toys. The camp draws upon the unbridled creativity of children to bring toys to life in front of the camera lens and break through the limitations of the physical world.

Through Citibank Taiwan’s promotion of corporate social responsibility and its adoption of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Citibank Taiwan is responding to the circular economy, a part of the government’s goal to develop the “five plus two” innovative industries, by advocating the “Three R’s” ─ reduce, recycle and reuse.

Citibank Taiwan Head of Government Affairs and Country Corporate Affairs April Pan (潘玲嬌) says: “We have been collaborating with the Taiwan Toy Library Association since last year. At the beginning of each year, Citibank Taiwan’s employees have donated second-hand toys and through our three-stage creativity initiative, we have mobilized their generosity, collecting more than 1,000 toys.

“Through the Citibank Compassion Exhibition, Citibank Toy Story Room and the second-hand toys stop-motion animation camp, Citibank Taiwan has been able to utilize its position to give toys to more than 10,000 children both in Taiwan and abroad, amplifying the power of Citibank employee’s goodwill.

“In addition, Citibank volunteers in Hualien County have helped to clean and organize the donated toys, showing that for staff at Citibank, public charity is more than just an empty slogan: we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.”

In addition to the continuing efforts of collecting second-hand toys from the employees, Citibank Taiwan’s three-stage creativity initiative this year also involves establishing Citibank Compassion exhibitions in six cities and counties across the nation, as well as inviting both adults and children around the country to join the effort to clean and sort the second-hand toys. Between January and August this year, almost 17,000 people have taken part.

Furthermore, Citibank Taiwan has continued to expand its series of story-telling events in schools in many remote areas through the Citibank Toy Story Room. This year, almost 2,000 students have benefited. Citibank has also expanded activities overseas. Inviting international volunteers to tell stories at Datong High School in northern Thailand and establishing the first toy library in the area, Citibank’s philanthropy now extends across international borders.

Chiu Yu-che (邱昱哲), a volunteer currently enrolled in Taoyuan Municipal Yung-Feng High School, which participated in the establishment of the toy library in northern Thailand, said: “We were deeply moved seeing the students rush into the toy library we worked so hard to set up, eager to play with the toys. We are honored and privileged to have been able to devote our efforts to their joy, and we could see the power of these second-hand toys, transcending nationality and ethnicity to touch the lives of every child.”

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