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Office workers choose better pay over love: survey


Close to 58 percent of Taiwan’s office workers dream of finding better-paying jobs to improve their financial means, according to the results of a survey published yesterday.

The survey, conducted by online manpower agency 104 Job Bank, asked white-collar workers what they dreamed about. Nearly three-fifths (57.86 percent) said their most common dream was to change jobs and have a better salary.

On average, they said they needed annual incomes of NT$870,000 (US$27,620) to make their dreams come true, the poll found.

The next most common dreams, in order of popularity, were to save NT$1 million, buy a home, master a foreign language and start their own business.

These aspirations were followed by losing weight, traveling independently, falling in love, passing national examinations and getting married, the survey said.

Men’s and women’s dreams varied significantly. Losing weight was the fourth-most popular dream among female respondents but did not figure in the top 10 among men.

Conversely, getting married and buying cars were the No. 6 and No. 8 dreams for male respondents, respectively, but were not high among women’s choices.

For those born after the 1980s, studying overseas was one of their top 10 dreams, the poll showed.

About 80 percent of office workers believe they do not earn enough to meet their needs and feel compelled to find other ways to make money, the survey found.

They said the best methods to make more money were to get high-paid jobs, better manage their finances, save money and take on part-time jobs.

About 66 percent of the female respondents said they were trying to get extra work at home, while 54 percent of their male peers preferred to have a part-time job related to their full-time employment.

Generally speaking, Taiwan’s salaried workers take schedule flexibility, the need not to disrupt their full-time work and salary into account when considering whether to work part-time.

According to the poll, those who already have a part-time job earn, on average, an additional NT$7,875 per month, well below the NT$13,040 that individuals who have yet to find a part-time job are hoping for.

The job bank carried out the survey from April 1 to 7, and collected 2,755 valid questionnaires. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 1.86 percentage points.

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