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Gang rape shatters family’s dreams

SOMETHING DIFFERENT:A father who wanted a better life for his children defied tradition to allow his daughter to pursue her university education over her brother’s


Police and a magistrate took statements from her in a New Delhi hospital. She remembered the names of her attackers. She recognized the faces in the photographs police showed her.

She broke down only once.

“She told me: ‘Mummy, they beat me a lot.’ That was the only time she showed her pain,” the mother said.

When infection began to ravage her body, she was flown with her family to a Singapore hospital, but on Christmas day she slipped into a coma. Her family never got to speak to her again. The girl they called little daughter died on Dec. 29.

Now, they feel varying degrees of rage and helplessness.

“Sometimes I want to kill them myself, but I know that would be wrong,” the brother said.

If convicted, five of the attackers could face death sentences. A sixth, declared a juvenile, would likely serve three years in a reform home if convicted.

“I want them to hang. They should not come out alive after what they did to my child,” the father said. “This is not just about my daughter. If there is no justice in this case it will hurt the progress of girls in the whole country. Every parent will be afraid for their daughters.”

“I always told my children, if you study hard you can escape this poverty. All my life I believed that,” her mother said. “Now that dream has ended. My faith has left me.”

Three weeks after her daughter died, her final exam results were announced. She had passed.

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