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Cuba says Obama has strengthened ‘failed’ embargo

Reuters, HAVANA

The US trade embargo against Cuba has gotten tougher under US President Barack Obama, not more lenient as many had expected when he took office, a top Cuban official said on Wednesday.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, in the Cuban government’s annual update on the 48-year-old embargo, said the US was levying bigger fines, applying sanctions more firmly and pursuing embargo-busting financial transactions more vigorously under Obama.

“The embargo policy in the last two years, which is to say under the government of President Obama, has not changed at all,” Rodriguez said in a press conference. “In some aspects, it has even hardened.”

In terms of US policy toward Cuba, Obama had performed “below expectations that had been created in the international community and American public opinion,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the embargo has cost Cuba US$751 billion over the years, adjusted for inflation and the changing value of the dollar.

“It is, without any doubt, the primary obstacle to the economic development of our country,” he said.

The UN is scheduled to hold its annual vote on a resolution condemning the embargo on Oct. 26. Last year, only three countries — the US, Israel and Palau — voted against the measure.

The embargo, Rodriguez said, “is a museum piece of the Cold War. It is, moreover, a failed policy.”

The embargo was fully imposed in 1962, with the aim of toppling the communist government put in place by Fidel Castro after he took power in a 1959 revolution.

The embargo prohibits most trade with Cuba, with exceptions for agricultural products and medicine.

Obama spoke early on of improving relations with Cuba, but insisted the embargo — which Cuba calls a “blockade” — would stay in place until the Caribbean island improved its human rights and released political prisoners.

He has eased the embargo slightly by removing restrictions on Cuban Americans traveling to the island and the amount of money they can send to their family members in Cuba.

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