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Long eyebrows get trimmed

A 72-year-old man from Bloomfield, Indiana, with eyebrows so long he brushed them each morning raised US$1,600 for charity from people who paid to take turns trimming his out-of-control brows. Some of the hairs shorn from Si Burgher’s eyebrows measured more than 8cm long. Burgher agreed to have his brows tamed last week by the Bloomfield Rotary Club to raise money for a polio eradication campaign. His wife, Amy, got the first whack at the overgrown hairs. “I don’t care if they ever grow back,” he told the Herald-Times. “My wife says I look 20 years younger.” Amy Burgher said she liked his new look: “Beneath the eyebrows is a really handsome man.”


Bank honors McCain

Barack Obama has the presidency and John McCain has a framed photograph next to one of John Kerry at a rural northwest Kansas bank. First State Bank’s “They Also Ran” gallery, a tribute to losing presidential candidates, added the Republican candidate’s image on Tuesday to a row of black-and-white drawings and photographs that starts with Thomas Jefferson, who lost to John Adams in 1796. Curator Lee Ann Shearer — who is also the bookkeeper at the Norton bank — said about 30 people showed up to watch. The gallery was started in 1965 by William Walter Rouse, bank president at the time, after he read Irving Stone’s book They Also Ran, about presidential campaign losers.


Three heads found

Three heads were found in an ice box south of Ciudad Juarez, prosecutors said. The local prosecutor’s office said the victims were unidentified men and were found in a town about 50km from Ciudad Juarez. A headless body was discovered in a canal a few kilometers away, but the prosecutors’ statement said on Tuesday that the body might belong to one of six police officers kidnapped over the weekend. The heads of four of the officers had previously been found. More than 5,300 gang killings were reported last year countrywide.


Rains affect Nazca lines

Heavy rains in recent days have affected the famed Nazca Lines, the 2,000-year-old giant outlines that are one of the country’s top tourist attractions, officials said on Tuesday. The precipitation left a layer of white clay on parts of two of the geoglyphs, “giving another color to the figures,” said archeologist Mario Olaechea of the National Institute of Culture. The Nazca Lines are considered one of the world’s great mysteries and depict people, animals and simple lines.


Kissing capital named

When you come to Guanajuato, pucker up. Mayor Eduardo Romero is declaring the city “the kissing capital” of the world to disprove claims he banned smooching in public. A flap arose over an anti-obscenity law that many people believed would fine anyone caught kissing in public. The government denied it banned kissing, but suspended the law to review its wording. Romero unveiled ads on Tuesday featuring a couple kissing on one of Guanajuato’s streets. They read: “Guanajuato, the kissing capital.” A legend gives the city claim to the title: It tells of a young woman whose father prohibited her from seeing her lover because he was too poor. But the couple lived across from each other on a street so narrow they could lean out their windows to kiss in secret. The street is known as “Kissing Alley.”


Police seize cocaine

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