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Kerry and Nobel laureates slam Bush's science record


John Kerry smiles in a campaign speech on science, technology and higher education in Denver, Colorado, on Monday.


Backed by the unusual endorsement of 48 Nobel laureates, Senator John Kerry on Monday accused the Bush administration of letting ideology trump science, and he promised to lift the ban on federal funding for stem-cell research and to build an economy "based on innovation, ingenuity and imagination."

Kerry and his scientific supporters echoed a 38-page report issued in February by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which criticized the administration for "manipulation, suppression and misrepresentation of science" on issues like biotechnology, global warming and nuclear power.

The group of scientists had complained that the White House heavily edited an report on the environment to remove almost any finding pointing to a human link to global warming.

Kerry also invoked the recent death of former president Ronald Reagan from Alzheimer's disease and echoed Nancy Reagan's call for stem-cell research "to tear down every wall today that keeps us from finding the cures of tomorrow."

"We need a president who will again embrace the tradition of looking toward the future and new discoveries with hope based on scientific facts, not fear," Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, said.

"Presidents are supposed to think big and dream big and help our nation to do so," he said, citing Franklin Roosevelt's creation of the national laboratories, John Kennedy's commitment to put a man on the moon, and Bill Clinton's support for mapping the human genome. "When America sees a problem or a possibility of greatness, it is in our collective character to set our sights on the horizon and not stop working until we get there," Kerry said.

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