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Human-AI team fail to defeat Google’s go-playing program

By Huang Hsu-lei and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A team effort by Taiwanese go professional Chou Chun-hsun (周俊勳) and Facebook’s OpenGo program failed to dethrone the world’s top go “player,” Google’s AlphaGo 2.0 program.

Chou played against AlphaGo 2.0 with moves suggested by OpenGo.

The challenge was part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computational Intelligence Society’s Summer School on Computational Intelligence for Human and Machine Co-learning program at National Kaohsiung Normal University, which ended yesterday.

Artificial intelligence (AI) programs have proved that moves people consider common sense are erroneous, Chou said.

Working with OpenGo over the past few months “was a crushing learning experience,” Chou said, adding that many moves the AI made turned the strategies taught by go masters on their heads.

The top three AI players in go are AlphaGo in the undisputed lead, followed by Chinese media company Tencent’s Fine Art and Facebook’s OpenGo.

Guests attending the program, including Kaohsiung Department of Education official Lin Fang-pai (林芳白) and university president Wu Lien-shang (吳連賞), said they felt confident that a machine and a human working together would defeat AlphaGo 2.0.

“It was the first time that the summer program has been held in Taiwan, and we hope the course and materials provided help students and teachers become more acquainted with computational learning,” said Cheng Po-hsun (鄭伯壎), head of the university’s College of Technology.

Professor Naoyuki Kubota from Tokyo Metropolitan University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering; professor Jacek Mandziuk from Warsaw University of Technology; and professor Yusuke Nojima from Osaka Prefecture University’s Department of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems chaired talks at the program.

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