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Man’s death during sex not foul play: police

UNEXPECTED DEMISE:The 22-year-old man likely died of a stroke or heart attack, with doctors saying Keelung’s cold temperature that day could have been a factor

By Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

An initial investigation into the sudden death of a young man while having sex with his girlfriend found that it did not involve foul play, Keelung police said on Wednesday.

While prosecutors are still waiting for the results of an autopsy of the man, surnamed Huang (黃), all signs indicate that he died from a stroke or heart attack while having intercourse with his girlfriend, they said.

The case has sparked interest on the Internet after media reports made the case public, in an online thread where people discuss tales of people suddenly dying during intercourse. However, most involved older men and illicit trysts outside the home.

In Taiwan and China, a man meeting an unexpected demise during sex is described as suffering from mashangfeng (馬上風), or lobeihong (落馬風) in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), which literally means “getting winded while riding a horse.”

The case has received much attention due to the victim’s youth, with many finding it unusual the 22-year old succumbed to mashangfeng while having sex with his girlfriend, a 20-year-old university student surnamed Fu (傅).

Fu said that Huang woke up at about 5am on Monday in an amorous mood, and proceeded to have sex with her.

“Halfway through our lovemaking, he began to sweat and had difficulty breathing. He lost consciousness right there, and fell down on the bed with a loud thud. I called his name and touched him, but there was no reaction,” Fu said.

She called 119 for an ambulance, which rushed her boyfriend to a local hospital just before 6am. Despite emergency procedures by hospital medics, Huang could not be revived, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

He had always been healthy, albeit a little overweight, and had recently recovered from a minor cold, Fu told the police.

“How can he die like this? We want to know what happened,” Huang’s parents said, asking the police to conduct an investigation into the cause of death.

When he arrived at the hospital, “he had already stopped breathing and had no pulse. He was unconscious and his eyes rolled white,” said Shih Chi-chung (石啟仲), the chief doctor of Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s emergency room.

Medical practitioners caution that when engaging in vigorous physical activities with heightened blood circulation and high emotional states such as sexual intercourse, it can result in a stroke or heart attack, Shih said, adding that a majority of such victims are men.

The cold could also be a factor, he said, advising people not to engage in vigorous sex under cold conditions, and suggesting that people warm up, as in engaging in physical exercise, before beginning sexual activities.

Northern Taiwan was hit by a cold wave this week, with temperatures only reaching 11°C in Keelung on Monday morning, colder than usual for the region.

The story led to wide discussions among netizens, with some people lamenting the man’s tragic end.

However, most respondents said it was not a tragedy, but was quite a happy ending, and some wrote that they envied the young man who ended his life while having sex with his girlfriend.

“What a way to go. He met a sudden death, but it was without pain. He was enjoying the euphoria of making love and went straight to paradise,” a netizen surnamed Lai (賴) wrote.

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