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Taiwan ally Brown cited as possible US candidate

By William Lowther  /  Staff reporter in WASHINGTON

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown — one of Taiwan’s best friends on Capitol Hill — might be offered a place on the US Democratic presidential ticket if former US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the party’s nomination as expected.

Two US TV networks and highly respected political newspaper The Hill have all named 63-year-old Brown as being under consideration to be Clinton’s vice presidential running mate.

A founding member of the Taiwan Caucus and an enthusiastic supporter of nearly all pro-Taiwan issues, Brown could become a major ally in the White House.

The Hill pointed out that Clinton is struggling to attract white working-class voters and Brown could be a huge help.

“I put Sherrod Brown at the front of the line as a potential running mate for Hillary,” one National Broadcasting Corp commentator said.

Brown is playing down the prospect, saying that he loves working for the people of Ohio, but that has done little to dampen speculation.

US Republican front-runner Donald Trump is winning the support of huge numbers of white working-class voters, not only from his own party, but also from independents and moderate Democrats.

Brown’s strong stand on creating manufacturing jobs — particularly in northern industrial states — and his push for a higher minimum wage might go far in countering Trump’s appeal should Trump win the Republican nomination.

A few years ago, Brown said that he was “dreaming of the day” when US policy would support one China and one Taiwan.

“The miracle of Taiwan is something that the people have earned and it is up to us to help them keep it,” he said.

On another occasion, Brown said: “I urge the international community in general, and the US in particular, to actively assist Taiwan in exercising its universal right to self-determination by recognizing Taiwan’s independent status and by pressing for its admission into various international organizations as a full participant.”

Coen Blaauw, executive director of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs, one of the most active Taiwanese-US groups in Washington, said: “Sherrod Brown is a great friend of Taiwan. He is always on the side of the underdog, fighting for democracy.”

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