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Taipei to preserve military compound on Yangmingshan

HISTORICAL BUILDINGSAs well as the compound, the adjacent South African embassy building and the site of the ‘Liu Tzu-jan Incident’ were also listed


The Taipei City Government has listed 141 dormitories that housed the US military on Yangmingshan during the 1950s as historical buildings and will preserve the compound as part of the city’s cultural and historical heritage.

The housing compound, located in Shanzihou Township (山仔后) on Yangmingshan, was built by the US military after the Korean War broke out in 1950. Twenty-two of the 141 dormitories were recognized as historical buildings in 2006. On Friday the city government decided to preserve the entire compound.

The adjacent building, which housed the South African embassy, and the location where the “Liu Tzu-jan (劉自然) Incident” occurred were also listed as cultural heritage sites by Taipei City’s Cultural Affairs Department during a meeting of the cultural assets review committee on Friday.

The “Liu Tzu-jan Incident” refers to the killing of Taiwanese Major Liu Tzu-jan by a US official in the 1950s. Taiwanese were furious over the killing and attacked the US embassy.

The committee members agreed that the housing compound in Shanzihou and adjacent buildings represented the period when the US military helped defend the nation, with the architectural style of the building being inspired by the southern US.

The local community in Shanzihou had been pushing for the department to preserve the housing compound after Bank of Taiwan, which was authorized by the government to look after the compound, said it planned to sell the land and buildings to a private owner in 2005.

Teng Wen-tsung (鄧文宗), a division chief at the cultural affairs department, said that in addition to the dormitories, streets and other buildings — including bomb shelters and a helicopter apron — would also be preserved and protected.

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