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Disclose `secret deal,' DPP demands

COME CLEAN Citing a report, the DPP accused the KMT of entering into a secret agreement with the CCP, and said Lien should meet the president before his China visit


Citing a United Daily News report, Democratic Progressive Party legislative whip Chen Ching-jun yesterday accuses the Chinese Nationalist Party of forging a secret deal with Chinese officials at a meeting in Hong Kong.


A Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) caucus leader yesterday demanded that the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) disclose the contents of an alleged "secret agreement" that KMT officials reportedly forged with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Party whip and Legislator Lai Ching-teh (賴清德), said at the Legislative Yuan yesterday the DPP caucus is opposed to the KMT forging a "secret accord" with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that could jeopardize Taiwan's future.

The press has reported that KMT Secretary-General Lin Feng-cheng (林豐正) and KMT spokesman Chang Jung-kung (張榮恭) flew to Hong Kong Wednesday and met Beijing officials to set up a "groundbreaking" visit to China by KMT Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) early next month.

Lai said he wants the KMT leadership to make known immediately the details of the Hong Kong meeting, including which Chinese officials they met and the specific details of the meeting.

Lai called for Lien, as chairman of Taiwan's largest opposition party, not to act "tempestuously like spoiled child" in his efforts to go to China and meet with Chinese officials, saying that the KMT should have learned from the "bloody lessons" of two rounds of "reconciliation" talks with the Chinese communists before the KMT government fled to Taiwan more than 50 years ago.

Meanwhile, Legislator Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻), another DPP legislative whip, listed 10 conditions that he insisted Lien meet before he visit China.

These include that Lien meet with President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) before the trip, that Lien swear not to strike any "secret agreement" with China, the entire China trip be open to cameras and reporters, that Lien make known that he is representing only "part" of Taiwanese public opinion, he let Beijing know that Taiwan independence is a possible option in the development of cross-strait relations, and that the "one country, two systems" scheme is unacceptable.

Chen Chin-jun said that Lien should meet at least six of the 10 conditions, claiming that if he only meets three or less, he should be considered "a traitor deserving nationwide condemnation."

In response, the KMT denied that party officials had forged a secret agreement with the CCP at Wednesday's meeting in Hong Kong.

Legislator Lai Shyh-bao (賴世葆), a deputy secretary of the KMT caucus, claimed that the DPP has been "bullying the unarmed KMT" in the name of laws or judicial rules.

Meanwhile, the Mainland Affairs Council said yesterday that Lien's trip to China could "de-governmentalize" cross-strait dialogue to the nation's detriment.

"In terms of cross-strait dialogue and exchange, we've already accumulated a substantial amount of experience under different administrations and built a framework for interaction. The government does not want to see the fundamentals of cross-strait interaction damaged as a result of an opposition party's trip to China," council Vice Chairman Johnnason Liu (劉德勳) said.

He said the government feared the trip would shift cross-strait negotiations toward the private sector, saying that interaction would become "de-governmentalized."

Liu explained that agricultural trade between Taiwan and China could have been easily conducted within the framework of the WTO and that bypassing the government had complicated the matter.

"If Chinese authorities really want to express good will ? they should face Taiwan's 23 million people, not just one particular political party, and an opposition party, no less," Liu said, adding that it was clear that China had ulterior motives in dealing with opposition parties instead of the government.

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