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DPP head wants end to political `chaos'

By Jewel Huang  /  STAFF REPORTER

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary-General Chang Chun-hsiung (張俊雄) said yesterday that the outgoing legislature was totally out of control and full of chaotic political fights.

He also urged the incoming legislature to be more mature and democratic.

In a symbolic stunt reminiscent of their days in opposition, DPP legislators yesterday morning seized the rostrum and tried to paralyze the session -- the last session of the current legislature -- in an attempt to block the passing of the National Communications Commission draft law, which the DPP contends is unconstitutional and would endanger national security. Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) then scolded the lawmakers involved and said the DPP are like "barbarians" that hurt the legislature's image.

After order was restored, the draft law later failed to pass after a vote.

In response to Wang's criticism, Chang said that reason the DPP disrupted legislature was to obstruct the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) in passing unconstitutional legislation by virtue of their legislative majority.

Chang said that he was sorry that the KMT caucus decided it would not engage in inter-party negotiations, a decision which would negatively impact the incoming Legislative Yuan.

"I hope that the chaotic situations in the legislature could come to an end as the outgoing legislature wrapped up," Chang said.

"The new legislature should be reconciliatory and cooperative. I urge the opposition parties to become mature and democratic and carry out their responsibility of supervision, rather than boycotting everything," he added.

Cheng Wen-tsan (鄭文燦), director of the DPP's information and culture department yesterday criticized Wang for what he characterized as the speaker's attempt to help the pan-blue camp pass legislation, while turning a blind eye to its boycott of most bills at the expense of the nation.

"Wang declared his support of pan-blue legislators in the final legislative session, implying they support him in the next legislative speaker race," Cheng said.

DPP Deputy Secretary-General Chung Chia-pin (鍾佳濱) echoed Cheng, saying that the reason Wang did not preside over the legislature fairly was because he is seeking to support his bid for re-election as legislative speaker.

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