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Police nab leader of blackmail ring

CRIME SYNDICATE A high-ranking member of the Four Seas criminal gang was nabbed by police in connection to a plot to blackmail two people for NT$150 million

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

Police yesterday arrested Chen Juei-fang (陳瑞芳), the alleged mastermind of two cases of blackmail in July which were carried out by his associates, notorious kidnappers Hsueh Chiu (薛球) and Chen Yi-hua (陳益華).

Chiayi judges Chou Chun-hui (卓春慧), Shen Fu-tsai (沈福財) and Chen Juei-yi (陳瑞宜) approved Chiayi Prosecutor Wang Hui-hsing's (王輝興) request to detain Chen Juei-fang at 4pm yesterday. He was then transferred to the Chiayi Detention House for further interrogation.

Chen Juei-fang, 46, is a "central standing committee member" in the Four Seas Gang, one of the foremost underworld crime gangs in Taiwan. Police officers from the Criminal Investigation Bureau under the National Police Agency arrested Chen Juei-fang at the corner of Lisen North Road and Jinchou Street on Thursday night and announced the arrest at midnight.

Around 6:30am yesterday, police escorted Chen Juei-fang to the Chiayi District Prosecutors' Office for interrogation. His place of residence is registered as Chiayi County.

Police investigation indicated that Chen Juei-fang and Tsai Kuei-ker (蔡貴客), who was arrested on his way back from Macau on July 27 and is currently being held by police, had a meeting with Hsueh and Chen Yi-hua in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. There, they allegedly discussed the details of their plan to blackmail local cable TV station GTV's owner Yang Teng-kuei (楊登魁) and Taiwanese Entertainment Union head Yang Kuang-you (楊光友) in June this year. They decided to ask for NT$50 million from Yang Teng-kuei's family and another NT$100 million from Yang Kuang-you's family.

The group made copies of a threatening VCD, which were mailed separately to both Yangs. The VCD to Yang Kuang-you was never made public but the one sent to Yang Teng-kuei was made pubic.

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