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Macau, a unique place for a very romantic trip

When you walk into the Macau Government Tourist Office, there is a big poster hanging on the wall. The poster shows a young couple standing in front of a castle-style building, enjoying the beauty of the seashore and the ocean breeze.

"How romantic!" That should be the first thought to jump into the viewer's mind -- and that is exactly the way Macau looked.

With an amazing mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture, Macau is full of exotic atmosphere.

"Lots of Taiwanese people only know the casino scene in Macau. However, the region's unique cultural background makes Macau very different. There are lots of other things to see" said Pauline Leung, Marketing Representative of the Macau Government Tourist Office.

"Macau has a unique culture. It is the only place that people can enjoy the feeling of Latin in Asia. On the island of Taipa, the tourists can find a Latino villa full of pink- or orange-colored houses and very specific food," Leung said.

She also suggests that tourists go to the Living Museum to experience the romance and history of Macau.

The museum exhibits the way people lived hundreds years ago and the exterior appearance of the museum is like a castle and very suitable for couples to visit.

The night view is another attraction of Macau. Tourists can go walk along the west seaside. In addition to the great night view, there is a very historic hotel named Sao Tiago worth visiting. It is remodeled from a real fortification used to defend from an invasion by the Dutch. The interior of the hotel still keeps the original style.

Another must-try in Macau is its food. It combines the strength of Chinese and Portuguese styles. That's because, hundreds of years ago, Portuguese sailors travelling from their home country passed the Cape of Good Hope, Malaysia and several other southeast Asian countries. They brought with them all kinds of different spices from their homes and found some other spices along their journey.

Finally they arrived in Macau, settled down in this beautiful place and married the Chinese girls. Those wives created the food of Macau. They used the Chinese way to cook using the Portuguese and Malaysian spices, along with great amounts of Portuguese olive oil, sausages and bacalha (dry fish) This kind of new combination won not only their husbands' stomachs, but also the hearts of Chinese and Europeans.

The Macau curry dish is one of the most famous. With big size and great taste, Macau food is incredibly amazing. Because of the difficulties in finding those various spices at the same time, Macau is therefore the only place to taste this special food, so don't forget to try it.

With a short travelling distance and inexpensive cost, Macau is an excellent travel destination for Taiwanese tourists.

The Macau Government Tourist Office is cooperating with local travel agencies to promote a great value package that is targeted at the young generation. The package includes the airline ticket and hotel, with prices starting from NT$6,999 per person.

Pauline Leung recommends that visitors go to the Macau Government Tourist Office before visiting Macau. Macau is a walking city. Travellers can get all kinds of information and tour guide books at the Macau Government Tourist Office.

The best season to visit Macau is from November to February. During this period, it seldom rains in Macau. If you'rethink of a nice weekend getaway, you could start to plan it now.

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