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Kuo says she was told to tape Chu

THE PLOT THICKENS The main suspect in the taping of a former politician having sex maintains that she was acting under orders, but won't say who gave them


Kuo Yu-ling (郭玉鈴) told prosecutors yesterday that she was acting under someone else's orders when she videotaped the sexual encounters of her former friend, Chu Mei-feng (璩美鳳).

Still, Kuo refused to name the person who instructed her to set up elaborate surveillance operations of Chu.

Police have uncovered phone taps and hidden cameras in Chu's home, car and former office at Hsinchu's Bureau of Cultural Affairs. Chu's mobile phone was also tapped.

Meanwhile, Chinese-language media reported yesterday that former Hsinchu mayor Tsai Jen-chien (蔡仁堅) gave Chu -- his former girlfriend -- more than NT$20 million in gifts before they broke up in February.

Reports quoted unnamed sources as saying Tsai gave Chu roughly NT$10 million in cash. He also bought her a Hsinchu home worth NT$8 million.

Tsai had tried to take back the gifts after the couple broke up, but Chu refused, the report said.

Prosecutors have refused to comment on the reports. They are expected to summon Tsai for questioning today.

As early as May, Tsai had asked Kuo to hire detectives to follow Chu, the report said.

The surveillance began to expand after Tsai discovered that Chu had been meeting with other men, the report said.

A detective agency in Hsinchu has confirmed that Tsai introduced them to Kuo. Kuo asked the agency to install surveillance and eavesdropping devices in Chu's house, office and car.

But the report said it was unlikely Tsai sold the sex-video footage to illegal video vendors.

The surveillance plan likely spun out of control after Kuo sold the video to vendors, the report said.

The VCDs started appearing on roadside stands as early as October.

Prosecutors have confirmed that the copy of a 40-minute sex video obtained and distributed by Scoop Weekly earlier this month was not the original master copy.

Prosecutors are also said to be looking into reports that Kuo may posses secret bank accounts where she keeps more than NT$5 million gained from the sale of the sex video footage.

Several VCD companies have confirmed that Kuo contacted them and tried to sell them the footage at prices as high as NT$3 million. Kuo may also have gained "royalty" payments from vendors, the report said.

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