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Green Gang goes online in effort to `reunite' members


The Green Gang (青幫), a secretive sect that dates to the Ching Dynasty (清朝), recently set up a Web site in an effort to keep up with the times.

Since launching the site more than a month ago, the Green Gang has drawn more than 220,000 visitors to its site. Some of the visitors have left messages expressing their willingness to join the group, which claims to have 200,000 members in Taiwan.

Yen Chia-hsing (嚴家興), organizer of the Web site, said the group turned to cyberspace in order to help bring long-lost members together.

On the Green Gang's home-page, a message states: "This is a Web site purely for scholarly exchange. Whenever you have time come in and browse around."

Yen said the Web site could help bring Green Gang members together, many of whom have lost contact over the decades. Yen said more than 10,000 members have been able to make contact with other members through the site.

The sect was one of three major gangs operating during the Ching Dynasty, but has remained a mystery to outsiders because of its secrecy. The Green Gang helped topple the Ching Dynasty.

The Web site tells of the history of the Green Gang, which was established by workers who smuggled goods along China's primary north-south inland waterway, the Grand Canal.

The Green Gang also worked with the KMT's Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石), who used the gang's underworld influence to help crush the Communist party in Shanghai.

The rules and mysterious traditions of the sect, which previously have not been revealed to the public, are for the first time made available through the site.

In one of the sections there are phrases such as, "Whomever you can save, pay no regard to how deep the water may be or how hot the fire. Whomever you can kill, let not the strongest of steel walls keep you from them."

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