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Kaohsiung police officers reunite escaped parrot with its owner
女警拾獲可愛鸚鵡照顧一週 幫牠尋回主人高興卻不捨

A police officer reunites an escaped parrot with its owner at Cijin Police Station in Kaohsiung’s Gushan Precinct.

Photo: Huang Liang-chieh, Liberty Times

Wu Yu-hsuan and Lee Meng-lun, two police officers from Kaohsiung City Police Department’s Cijin Police Station, spotted a yellow-colored parrot while on patrol outside the entrance to a supermarket in the city’s Gushan Precinct. Observing that the parrot didn’t appear scared when approached, Wu and Lee conjectured it was probably an escaped pet and gingerly tried extending a finger toward the bird. The two officers were somewhat taken aback when the parrot immediately flew onto the extended finger and then, as if they were old friends, hopped up the officer’s arm and sat on her shoulder. After making inquiries with staff at the supermarket and nearby members of the public, they were no closer to finding out who the parrot’s owner was. They decided to take the parrot back to the police station to care for it.

After finding an identification ring on the parrot’s foot with a serial number, the officers looked up the phone number, which belonged to a bird park. The owner of the park said the parrot had been sold many years ago but couldn’t remember the name of the buyer. Determined to find the bird’s owner, the two police officers took it in turns to look after the parrot and scoured social media, eventually finding a message from a woman surnamed Tsai asking for help to find her parrot. The officers contacted Tsai, visited her home and, after checking the parrot’s pet identification card, were able to verify the parrot indeed belonged to her.

After repeatedly thanking the officers, Tsai told them she had been looking after the parrot for five years and said it is considered part of the family. Tsai said when she was away from home traveling, the parrot flew away. Worried that the loss of the parrot would ruin his wife’s holiday, Tsai’s husband waited until she returned home to tell her. Fortunately, due to the officers’ commitment, the family was able to be successfully reunited with their beloved pet, said Tsai.

While Wu and Lee were elated to reunite the pet with its owner, having spent a week with the parrot, they were reluctant to say goodbye. However, Tsai promised that when she has spare time she will take the parrot to the police station to visit her two new friends.

(Translated by Edward Jones, Taipei Times)






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