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A: Could you see the fish sleeping?

B: Yes. The lights in the fish tanks are turned off at night, but we were given special flashlights with a red beam to shine into the tanks.

A: How do fish actually sleep?

B: Instead of resting at the bottom, they float in the water, drifting slowly, sometimes bumping into things. They look so cute.

A: 你們看得到魚在睡覺嗎?

B: 可以啊,水族箱的燈光到了夜晚會關掉,但館方有發給我們特製手電筒,能發出紅光照進水缸。

A: 魚到底是怎麼睡覺的?

B: 它們不是睡在水底喔,而是漂浮在水中慢慢隨波逐流,有時還會東碰西撞,看起來超可愛。

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