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Taipei, New Taipei standardize bus fare payment from July 1
雙北公車上下車皆須刷卡 七月起實施

A bus in Taipei approaches a bus shelter with waiting passengers.

Photo: Lin Chia-yu, Liberty Times

Bus passengers in Taipei and New Taipei are now required to swipe their smart cards on entry and exit, as of Monday, as the two cities move to standardize the payment system, according to the Taipei Public Transportation Office.

The new procedure will help to avoid confusion about when the smart card should be swiped and will provide more precise travel data for city authorities who plan bus routes, the office said.

Before July, the system of payment had not been standardized in the two cities, with passengers sometimes required to pay on boarding, sometimes on alighting, and both times on some routes.

The new system is being implemented in two phases, allowing passengers to become accustomed to the change, the office said.

In the first phase, from July 1 to January, passengers who comply with the new regulation by swiping their cards on entry and exit will gain a chance on each trip to win a prize in a lottery.

On an average bus trip, the standard fare of NT$15 (US$0.5) will be deducted when the passenger swipes on boarding, and no additional amount will be charged on alighting, the office said.

On longer segmented routes, the additional amount will be deducted when the passenger swipes on alighting, the office said.

In the second phase of the new regulation, which will start Feb. 1, passengers who fail to comply will not be eligible for the discount rates when they transfer within an hour to the Taipei MRT system or a YouBike, the transportation office said.

There will be no other penalty, however, for not swiping on alighting, according to the office.





1. swipe v.

刷 [卡] (shua1 [ka3])

2. standardize v.


(tong3 yi hua4; biao1 zhun3 hua4)

3. pay on boarding phr.


(shang4 che1 shou1 fei4)

4. pay on alighting phr.


(xia4 che1 shou1 fei4)

5. fare n.

費用 (fei4 yong4)

6. segmented adj.

分段的 (fen1 duan4 de5)

7. deduct v.

扣除 (kou4 chu2)

8. new regulation phr.

新規定 (xin1 gui1 ding4)

9. discount rate phr.


(you1 hui4 jia4 ; zhe2 kou4 jia4)

10. penalty n.

懲罰 (cheng2 fa2)









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