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A: I’ve never had insomnia, but I was reading an article on it, and they had some good tips on how to cure it, such as avoiding coffee or tea before bed, and drinking chamomile tea instead.

B: I don’t mean to be rude, but if it were that simple, I would have cured my insomnia ages ago.

A: Alright, keep your hair on.

A: 我從來沒有遇過失眠,但我之前讀過一篇關於失眠的文章,裡面有幾個不錯的秘訣可以改善它,例如睡前避免喝咖啡或是茶,改喝洋甘菊茶。

B: 我無意冒犯,但我得說,如果真有那麼簡單,我幾百年前就治好失眠了。

A: 好啦,冷靜點別生氣。

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