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A: Ouch. That’s so sore. He’s really digging in. I thought a massage was supposed to be relaxing.

B: Apparently not. Ouch. My masseuse has twisted my arm into a cruel and unusual position.

A: Mine is putting the full weight of his body on me. Is it possible to die from a massage?

A: 噢。實在太痛了。按摩師真的很認真在按,可是我以為按摩應該是要讓人放鬆的。

B: 很明顯的不是耶。啊,我的女按摩師把我的手腕扭成一個痛苦又奇怪的姿勢了。

A: 我的按摩師把全身的重量都壓下來啦。會不會有人被按摩按到死啊?

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