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Taeyeon and other S Korean artists to rock Taipei
太妍率多組韓星襲台 週末寶島嗨唱

South Korean singer Taeyeon is pictured in a promotional photograph.

Photo courtesy of BAE
照片︰BAE 提供

The K-pop Entertaining Music Festival is to take place at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei on Sunday. The lineup for the show includes Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon, EXO member Chen, Momoland, NCT Dream and Golden Child. Among the artists, Taeyeon holds the record as the only female Korean artist staging three solo concerts in a row in Taiwan.

Lai Kuan-lin, a former member of South Korean boyband Wanna One, will also visit Taiwan this weekend. The Taiwanese hunky boy has teamed up with Korean singer Jung Woo-seok after the hit boyband broke up in January. Lai is set to hold a fan meeting at the Taipei International Convention Center on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Lai’s former bandmate Kang Daniel also hit the headlines recently for winning a contract lawsuit against LM Entertainment, which has transferred most of its rights in the contract with him to a third party without his consent. His lawyer said Kang is finally able to perform his own artistic events.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)

「韓國娛樂音樂饗宴」拼盤演唱會,本週日將在台北市的南港展覽館登場,演出陣容包括天團少女時代成員太妍、EXO的Chen、Momoland、NCT Dream、Golden Child 其中太妍曾創下紀錄,是唯一在台灣連辦三場演唱會的南韓女歌手。

南韓男團Wanna One的前成員賴冠霖,也預計在本週末返台!該人氣夯團在今年一月解散後,這位台灣小鮮肉就和南韓歌手鄭禹奭合作組成新搭檔,賴冠霖本週日將在台北國際會議中心舉辦粉絲見面會。

此外賴冠霖的前隊友姜丹尼爾,因打贏了和經紀公司LM Entertainment的合約官司,上週亦登上新聞版面──該公司未經他同意,就把和他的合約中大部分權利轉讓給第三方。丹尼爾的律師則表示,他現在終於能展開自己的演藝活動了。



1. entertaining adj.

娛樂的 (yu2 le4 de5)

2. hunky boy phr.


(xiao3 xian1 rou4)

3. team up phr.

合作 (he2 zuo4)

4. break up phr.

解散 (jie3 san4)

5. lawsuit n.

官司 (guan1 si1)

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