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A: So, many of the rescued fledglings are not actually injured, they’re just sleeping and still haven’t learned to fly.

B: That’s right. During the day their parents are off foraging for food. If you take them to a sanctuary, their parents will wonder where their babies are when they return.

A: That’s terrible. We shouldn’t make them worry like that.

A: 所以其實很多雛鳥被撿到時並沒有受傷,而是還在睡覺,又還不會飛囉。

B: 沒錯,白天他們的父母又出外覓食,你要是把他們送去動保處,他們的爸媽回來就會發現小孩不見了。

A: 那也太傷心了,我們還是不要驚動他們吧。

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