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A: What type of bird did you say that was? Is it a hawk?

B: No. Nightjars are not related to hawks. They mainly eat insects, and originally lived on river beds. Their natural habitat has been destroyed, and the city lights attract insects, so nightjars forage for food and breed in urban residential areas.

A: But why do they only start chirping at night?

A: 你說那是哪一種鳥類,是老鷹嗎?

B: 不是哦,夜鷹跟老鷹沒有直接的關聯。它們主要捕食蚊蟲,原本住在河床上,但因為棲地被破壞,都市裡又有光源會吸引蚊蟲,才會在住宅區覓食跟繁殖。

A: 但是它們為什麼一到晚上就開始鳴叫啊?

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