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A: When was the last time you had an allergic reaction to peanuts?

B: I was offered some mochi that had a light dusting of peanut powder. As soon as I tasted the peanuts I spat it out and rinsed my mouth, but I still got a reaction.

A: I now know how to do away with you if you ever cross me.

B: I’ll bear that in mind.

A: 你上次對花生產生過敏反應是什麼時候?

B: 有人給我一顆麻糬,上面灑了一點花生粉而已。我吃到時馬上吐出來並漱口,但還是起反應了。

A: 現在我知道你下次煩我時該怎麼對付你了。

B: 我會記住要小心你的。

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