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A: I’m worried that after all the work I put into my novel nobody will like it.

B: My writer friend said you must never second-guess what the reader wants, and the important thing is to find your own unique voice.

A: That sounds wonderful, but I tend to bore people when I talk to them.

B: Gardening is also a creative outlet. Perhaps try that?

A: 我擔心的是,我對自己的小說投注全部心力之後,結果沒有人喜歡。

B: 我的作家朋友說,你絕對不應該去預測讀者想要什麼,而且最重要的是找出你自己獨特的見解。

A: 聽起來真是太好了,不過我和人講話的時候,容易讓對方覺得無聊。

B: 蒔花弄草也是一個創作的出口,也許你可以試試看?

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