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A: Now the weather’s cleared up, let’s go explore the mangrove forests.

B: Good idea. If we’re lucky we might spot an Iriomote cat.

A: We’d have to really luck out. It’s an endangered species, there are only about 100 on the entire island. According to my guide book, they are nocturnal, too.

A: 現在天氣又變晴朗了,我們去探索紅樹林吧。

B: 好主意。如果我們幸運的話,也許會看到西表山貓哦。

A: 那我們必須真的超好運才行。西表山貓是瀕臨絕種的物種,整座島上大概只有一百隻。我的導覽書上還寫到牠們是夜行性動物。

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