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Mr. Children to perform as concert market thrives
「歌神」、天團、民歌手 演唱會接力登場

Promotional photo for Japanese group Mr. Children.
這張宣傳照中是日本天團Mr. Children的成員。

Photo courtesy of Amuse Entertainment

Launched in 2016, “A Classic Tour” by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, also known as “God of Songs,” ended on Tuesday. With 233 concerts in total — including 12 shows in Taipei and three in Kaohsiung — the tour broke the record for most shows in a tour by a Chinese singer, and grossed over NT$10 billion (about US$323.8 million).

As the concert market continues to thrive, Japanese band Mr. Children is to stage two shows in Taiwan, the band’s first ever overseas performances. Formed in 1989, Mr. Children — with over 30 No. 1 hits under its belt — is one of Japan’s biggest groups. The two shows are to take place at the Taipei Arena today and tomorrow.

The “Folk 44 Summit” concert is scheduled for after the Lunar New Year holidays, on Feb. 17 at the Taipei International Convention Center. The concert, this year featuring veteran folk singers such as Samson Shih, Johnny Yin, Michelle Pan and Christine Hsu, is held annually to celebrate the emergence of Taiwanese folk music in 1975.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)


隨著演唱會市場近日蓬勃發展,日本搖滾天團Mr. Children也將兩場海外首次演出獻給了台灣。該團自一九八九年成軍後,擁有三十多首冠軍歌曲,是最著名的日團之一。兩場演唱會將於今日與明日,在台北小巨蛋登場。




1. classic adj.


(jing1 dian3)

2. gross v.


(shou1 ru4)

3. thrive v.


(peng2 bo2; xing1 wang4)

4. folk n.


(min2 ge1)

5. annually adv.


(mei3 nian2 de5)

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