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A: Could you explain to me what Boxing Day is about?

B: It is the day after Christmas Day and it is a public holiday in most English-speaking countries, apart from the US.

A: What happens? Do you put all your presents in boxes?

B: No. The term probably dates back to when tradesmen in Britain collected “Christmas boxes” of money or presents to thank them for their service.

A: 你可以向我解釋什麼是節禮日嗎?

B: 它是耶誕節的隔天,在大多數英語系國家都是國定假日,除了美國以外。

A: 那要做什麼呢?你會把所有的禮物通通塞進盒子裡嗎?

B: 不是啦。這個名稱大概要追溯到以前,英國的工匠會收到裝禮金或禮物的「耶誕禮盒」,以感謝他們的服務。

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