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A: Did you know the corner cong you bing store has shut up shop? They’ve brought in a bunch of claw crane arcade machines.

B: It’s closing? I never got the chance to try some.

A: Strange. Why are so many claw crane stores opening up? Can they really make money on those?

B: I’ve no idea. People just blindly follow successful business ideas.

A: 你知道巷口的蔥油餅店關了嗎?現在運來了一大堆夾娃娃機。

B: 蔥油餅店關了?我還沒機會去吃呢。

A: 奇怪,為什麼要開那麼多夾娃娃機店?有這麼好賺嗎?

B: 我也不曉得,很多人做生意總是一窩蜂。

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