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A: Pooh! What’s that strong smell?

B: Oh, it’s probably the stinky tofu curry I cooked for lunch.

A: What? Are you mad? It’s so bad I need a gas mask. We’ll never get rid of that smell.

B: Well, I had a sudden craving for curry and needed to use up some leftover stinky tofu. I’ll open a window.

A: 噢,什麼東西那麼臭?

B: 可能是我午餐煮的臭豆腐咖哩。

A: 搞甚麼?你瘋了嗎?超臭的,我需要戴口罩。這個味道永遠都散不掉了。

B: 因為我忽然想要吃咖哩,然後想把吃剩的臭豆腐用掉。我來開窗戶。

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