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Geothermal power is to supply Green Island’s 80% demand

Geothermal power technologies.

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The drilling of Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower)’s first geothermal exploration well began last Thursday, which means green electricity will become reality on Green Island. Taipower Department of Renewable Energy director Chen I-cheng said that Green Island meets all conditions for geothermal energy — including heat source, water source and geological structure — “and this is exactly what the textbook says,” said Chen. Chen also said that geothermal energy has the properties of base load power generation, so it is more stable than other renewable energy such as solar energy and wind power.

According to Taipower’s plan, an experimental 200 kW generator will be set up before the end of next year, and it is estimated that before 2021, a model geothermal power plant with a capacity of to 2,000 to 4,000 kW will be completed and will then provide 80% of Green Island’s annual electricity demand.

Chen said that although Green Island is suitable to geothermal power generation, it still has to go through the trial stage to know the total energy capacity of the geothermal field through before it can be scaled up and developed into a model geothermal power plant.

Taipower will also set up 100 kW solar power generation devices on Green Island next year. In the future, Green Island will mainly rely on geothermal energy supplemented by solar power.

It is worth mentioning that Taipower mainly uses diesel to generate electricity on the outlying island. Adding the cost of transportation, it costs Taipower NT$14 per kWh — a loss of more than NT$10 per kWh sold. The cost of geothermal power generation per kWh is NT$6, which is at least 50% cheaper than diesel power and will effectively reduce Taipower’s power supply cost.


1. renewable energy phr.

再生能源 (zai4 sheng1 neng2 yuan2)

2. geothermal energy phr.

地熱 (di4 re4)

3. 1 kWh [kilowatt-hour] phr.

一度電 (yi2 du4 dian4)

4. 1 kW [kilowatt] / phr.

一瓩 [一千瓦] (yi4 qian1 wa3)

(Liberty Times, translated by Lin Lee-kai)









Green Island is a naturally formed volcanic island, and its Zhaori Hot Spring is one of only three sea-water hot springs in the world along with the springs on Kyushu Island in Japan and Sicily in Italy.

Geothermal energy is heat energy stored and generated in the Earth’s crust, which originates from the original formation of the planet and from radioactive decay of materials.

The principle of geothermal power generation is to use the inexhaustible supply of geothermal heat to heat groundwater, making it steam to propel the turbine to generate electricity.




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