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A: My dog’s getting old. She has cataracts.

B: Have you taken her to the vet?

A: Yes. The vet said I’d have to take her to a specialist veterinary eye clinic and have her operated on, but we don’t have one in my town.

B: I have a friend, his dog had an operation to remove its cataracts not long ago. I’ll ask him where the vet is.

A: 我的狗年紀大了,有白內障。

B: 你有帶牠去看獸醫嗎?

A: 有啊,獸醫說要到專門的獸醫眼科去動手術,但我住的小鎮沒有獸醫眼科。

B: 我有個朋友,他的狗不久前有開過白內障手術,我可以幫你問問看是哪個獸醫。

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