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A: There is plaster flaking off one of the walls in my house; it looks ugly.

B: It’s probably some mold caused by a leaking pipe in the wall.

A: The bathroom is behind that wall, there probably is a water pipe behind there.

B: If it is a leaking pipe, even if you repaint the wall the problem won’t go away. You’ll need to fix the pipe.

A: 我家有面牆壁最近一直掉屑,看起來很不雅觀。

B: 可能是牆壁裡有水管漏水,導致發霉。

A: 那面牆的背面就是浴室,應該有水管通過。

B: 如果真的是水管漏水的話,光是重漆牆壁是沒用的,一定要把水管修好才行。

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