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Taoyuan Agriculture Expo opens for trial run preview

A bird’s eye view of the Taoyuan Agriculture Expo in Taoyuan’s Sinwu District is pictured on April 22.

Photo: Chou Min-hung, Liberty Times

The Taoyuan Agriculture Expo opened on April 22 and will run until Sunday next week as a trial run ahead of next year’s official opening. Vice President Chen Chien-jen and former vice president Annette Lu both attended the opening ceremony. Chen applauded the expo for showing off Taiwan’s “circular economy,” green energy and elevating the agricultural industry to the next level. Chen also warmly praised the expo’s eight special exhibition areas, saying one visit is not enough and the expo merits a repeat visit.

The expo’s exhibition space comprises approximately 30 hectares and is located in Taoyuan’s Sinwu District. There are eight main areas within the expo: Landscaping, Recycling, Aboriginal Shelter, Smiley Ranch, Rural Regeneration, Rice Culture, Education Zone and Hakka Craftwork which exhibit the expo’s four main themes: the “circular economy,” landscape art, green living and technological agriculture.

Chen says Taoyuan has already begun a new era as a science and technology city by setting up office space to create an “Asian Silicon Valley” and carrying out research and development into new ideas for the tech industry. Hosting the Taoyuan Agriculture Expo — with its focus on the “circular economy” and green energy — will undoubtedly play an important role in President Tsai Ing-wen’s plan to develop the nation’s creative industries, adds Chen.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





1. trial run n. phr.


(shi4 ying2 yun4)

2. applaud v.


(sheng4 zan4)

3. warmly praise v.


(kua1 jian3)

4. research and development n.


(yan2 fa1)

5. play an important role v. phr.


(ban4 yan3 zhong4 yao4 de5 jiao3 se4)


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