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Hong Kong pop diva Sandy Lam tops “Singer 2017” show
香港天后林憶蓮 「歌手」總決賽奪冠

Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam, left, and Taiwanese singer Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, sing together in the final show of “Singer 2017” on Saturday last week.

Photo: copied by Tsai Chen-yi, Liberty Times

Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam won the final of “Singer 2017,” singing the song “Maybe Tomorrow” in the final episode of the show, broadcast live on Hunan TV last Saturday. The 51-year-old singer, backed up by pop diva Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, sang a duet in perfect harmony, with their flawless chorus and high notes winning much praise from the audience.

From the Republic of Kazakhstan, 22-year-old singer Dimash Kudaibergen was the first runner-up in the singing contest. Taiwanese singers also had outstanding performances in the final show. Rock band “Lion,” led by Jam Hsiao, was the second runner-up, and singer Terry Lin won fifth place.

Hsiao said he was so nervous before the final show that he had a sensation of being unable to swallow his saliva. He explained that this was a kind of muscular symptom, adding that it would be no fun if the contest did not make him nervous.

(CNA, translated by Eddy Chang)






1. final n.

決賽 (jue2 sai4)

2. duet n.

合唱 (he2 chang4)

3. first runner-up phr.

亞軍 (ya3 jun1)

4. contest n.

比賽 (bi3 sai4)

5. second runner-up phr.

季軍 (ji4 jun1)

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