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A: My screen has started flickering again.

B: I don’t think banging it like that is going to help. You should check to see if there’s a bad connection.

A: Usually, when I knock it a bit the picture comes back.

B: Ah, now it’s gone blank. I think you knocked it a bit too hard and loosened the cable connecting the screen to the computer.

A: 我的螢幕又開始閃爍了。

B: 你這樣敲螢幕有用嗎?應該要檢查一下是不是接觸不良吧。

A: 通常我只要敲一敲,畫面就會回復了。

B: 啊,變成黑屏了。你一定是敲過頭,把連接螢幕和電腦主機的線給敲掉了。

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