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A: Fancy going to the baseball batting cages this weekend, hit a few balls?

B: Sure. Although I prefer bowling to baseball. Is there a bowling alley near the baseball cages?

A: Yes. So why don’t we first go to the baseball cages and then go do some bowling?

B: Great. We’ll make it a competition. Loser buys the drinks, how about it?

A: 這週末要不要一起去棒球打擊場打打球?

B: 好啊。但比起棒球我更喜歡打保齡球。打擊場附近有保齡球館嗎?

A: 有啊,我們可以先去打棒球,打完再去打保齡球。

B: 好啊,我們來比賽,輸的人要請喝飲料,如何?

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