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A: I’ve made you a cup of hot chocolate.

B: Oh, that’s really nice of you. Huh? How come it tastes a bit sour?

A: Does it? Let me try. Yeah, it really does. I think the milk’s gone off.

B: Was the milk you used past its expiry date? I don’t want to get a bad stomach.

A: 我幫你沖了一杯熱可可。

B: 謝謝你,你真是貼心。嗯?這可可怎麼有股酸味?

A: 有嗎?我喝喝看。真的耶,牛奶好像壞了。

B: 你加的牛奶該不會過期了吧?我可不想吃壞肚子。

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