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Gueiren’s “bent-over building” will be gone by mid-May
歸仁的「歪腰大樓」 五月中掰掰

The Wang Lin Hotel in Tainan’s Gueiren District, which has been leaning over since the Feb. 6 earthquake, is pictured on March 6.

Photo: Wu Chun-feng, Liberty Times

A month has passed since the powerful earthquake of Feb. 6, and the Wang Lin Hotel in Tainan’s Gueiren District, which **leaned** over toward the east in the earthquake, is being demolished. Because the hotel stands next to the busy Jhongshan Road, while the High-Speed Rail also passes nearby, it has attracted a great deal of attention. Some Internet users **jokingly call** it the “bent-over building,” and it has become known as a new landmark in the ancient city of Tainan.

Wang Lin Hotel spokesperson Tseng Hui-hsuan says that demolition work is proceeding in full swing and is expected to be finished by May 18. Tseng says that although the earthquake caused the hotel’s owners a loss of more than NT$200 million, the hotel will be rebuilt on the spot in the hope that it will bring business and tourism development to Gueiren District. She stresses that all the investors are Taiwanese and they will invest a further NT$650 million to rebuild the hotel, demonstrating their determination to put down firm roots in Gueiren.

The **scaffolding** that had been put up around the exterior of the Wang Lin Hotel has now been removed, and the building is being demolished from the inside out. Not only can passers-by see it for themselves; even travelers riding the High-Speed Rail can see it from a distance. Some people laughingly say that when they see this new landmark they know that they have reached Tainan’s Gueiren District.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)




1. lean v.

傾斜 (qing1 xie2)

例:The church tower leans slightly toward the west.


2. jokingly call phr.

戲稱 (xi4 cheng1)

例: The workers jokingly call their supervisor “the great dictator.”


3. scaffolding n.

鷹架 (ying1 jia4)

例: Steel and bamboo scaffolding each have their advantages.




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