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Pingtung high school girl beats the odds to win a place at National Taiwan University
靠獎學金求學 屏女黃欒雅入學台大

Pingtung Girls’ High School student Huang Luan-ya smiles to the camera on Jan. 6 in Pingtung County.

Photo: Luo Hsin-chen, Liberty Times

Huang Luan-ya, a student from Pingtung Girls’ High School who comes from a single-parent family, has been able to further her education by relying on a scholarship and other means of financial assistance. Although Huang has been unable to take after-school lessons due to her family’s precarious financial situation, she was nevertheless able to maintain sixth place in her school’s mathematics class for gifted students. Huang even used her time outside of classes to work as a volunteer. She received a recommendation from her school to participate in the selection process for National Taiwan University (NTU) and was admitted into her first choice: to study at NTU’s Department of Psychology.

In her second year of high school, Huang’s parents divorced. Huang and her younger brother lived with her father and grandmother, while Huang’s father took on extra jobs to maintain the family’s livelihood. Under these straitened circumstances, Huang set her sights high. After graduating from junior high school, she passed the entrance exam for Pingtung Girls’ High School. Every day, Huang would take the bus from Donggang Township to Pingtung City to go to school. She even actively participated in after-school clubs, took the initiative to organize a tuition summer camp for elementary students from the countryside and volunteered at a family support center.

Huang says she wishes to study psychology at university because during her second year at junior high school, when her family situation was unsettled, aside from the care she received from the social affairs bureau, her school tutor sought her out and talked with her every day for a whole month. This gave her a great deal of emotional support, says Huang, so she hopes to be able to develop into a counseling psychologist and occupational therapist, in order to be able to help others like herself.


1. straitened circumstances n. phr.

不寬裕的環境 (bu4 kuan1 yu4 de5 huan2 jing4)

例: In the current straitened circumstances, the company is unable to give employees a pay rise this year.


2. set one’s sights high v. phr.

力爭上游 (li4 zheng1 shang4 you1)

例: John set his sights high to become a millionaire businessman by his 30th birthday.


3. volunteer v.

當志工 (dang1 zhi4 gong1 )

例: Anne volunteers at a home for the elderly every weekend.


(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





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