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They gave you a black banana in your lunch box?

A lunch box and a black banana are shown in an undated photo.

Photo: screen grab from the MiaoliAny facebook group

A parent posted an article on “MiaoliAny,” a Facebook group, saying that black bananas had astoundingly been included in a school meal. The parent threatened to send the Miaoli County commissioner an express delivery of black bananas if they showed up in lunch boxes again. However, after the county’s department of education and the school in question looked into the matter, it was found to be just a muddle. A child did not eat his banana at lunchtime and put it in a steel lunch box for several hours before taking it home. Consequently, the banana peel turned black.

The article sparked discussions among netizens, but the author has since deleted it. Several people said they also had similar experiences, in which peels of uneaten bananas at home turned black, but the pulp usually remained tasty, and so it should not be a big problem. “It is just a mistake,” said the netizens.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)





1. look into phr.

查;調查 (cha2; diao4 cha2)

例: I have ordered the police to look into the recent accidents taking place in Jurassic Park.


2. spark v.

引起 (yin2 qi3)

例: The young student’s speech has sparked heated discussions on the Internet.


3. pulp n.

果肉 (guo3 rou4)

例: I prefer to drink juice with pulp, because I enjoy drinking and chewing at the same time.


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