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Banciao residents save trees
颱風倒樹 板橋人「自己的樹木自己救」

Banciao residents rescue a fallen tree in their community on Thursday last week by pulling it upright and replanting it.

Photo: Chen Wei-tsung, Liberty Times

Typhoon Soudelor toppled more than 10,000 trees in Taipei and New Taipei City, and many of the fallen trees are still lying around waiting to be saved. On Tuesday last week, about 100 residents from a community close to the Music Park in New Taipei City’s Banciao District started an activity they called “saving our trees by ourselves” as they spontaneously joined up to cut off broken branches from fallen trees and use ropes to pull them upright, straighten them and replant them at their original spots. They were hoping that the activity would help foster a culture conducive to loving and saving trees rather than letting the fallen trees lie around and rot.

Residents in the area said that more than 100 trees had been toppled in the Music Park and the nearby Bade Park during the typhoon, but for several days afterward no one came to take care of them. A resident surnamed Chen said that people who often exercise in the parks felt sad and wondered why no one came to take care of the trees when so many had been toppled.

Chen also said that the “saving our trees by ourselves” activity began last Tuesday and that neighborhood residents responded by participating and helping to cut broken branches, adding that “even if the authorities intend to save these trees, they lack the manpower, so we are hoping that we can establish a culture conducive to saving trees and use the power of civic spontaneity to mobilize people and put fallen trees back up again.”

Although it rained last Thursday afternoon, many people dressed in rain gear used ropes to pull fallen trees upright and shovels to clear the tree pits and steady the trees. Lee Chien-ming, a volunteer from Taiwan Kiwanis International, said that if the root system of a tree that has been toppled by the typhoon is exposed to the sun for several days before the tree is straightened again, it will have a much lower chance of surviving. Lee said that because of this, he hoped it would be possible to call on more people to help save trees.


1. topple v.

吹倒 (chui1 dao3)

例: The wind was so strong that it toppled the building.


2. spontaneously adv.

自發性地 (zi4 fa1 xing4 de)

例: The demonstrations started spontaneously after the news came out.


3. manpower n.

人手;人力 (ren2 shou3; ren2 li4)

例: You need a lot of manpower to build a pyramid.


(Liberty Times, translated by Perry Svensson)






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