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Teaching French cooking in an Atayal village

Atayal teenagers watch as Guillaume Brissaud, left, demonstrates French cooking techniques in New Taipei City’s Wulai District in an undated photo.

Photo courtesy of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

French chef Guillaume Brissaud has stayed in Taiwan for eight years and married a Taiwanese woman. He sees Taiwan as his second home and runs a French restaurant in New Taipei City’s Sindian District. At the invitation of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Brissaud visits Tranan Village in Wulai District every month to teach French cuisine to youngsters interested in cooking, by which he hopes that he can help disadvantaged youngsters living in remote areas to realize their dreams.

Lin Chih-yu, a social worker at the fund, said Brissaud used to be an English teacher, but last year he discussed with his wife about changing career paths by making use of the French cuisine that he had learned since childhood to open a French specialty restaurant by Sindian’s Yanzih Lake. Brissaud enjoys sharing his cuisine with others. Moreover, he has a great curiosity about Taiwan’s aboriginal culture, and he hopes that while teaching cooking skills he can obtain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal life.

The fund set up a branch in Tranan Village years ago. Tranan is in a remote mountainous area of Wulai, and three buses daily are the only way to get in and out of the village. Most adults go to Taipei to work, and some disadvantaged children have to do part-time jobs in the city to support their families. In view of this, the fund invites professionals from various fields to teach practical skills in the village, thereby giving Atayal youngsters a chance for the future.

Lin said the fund will help them open a small shop for teeangers in the village where they can sell food and Atayal handicrafts. As a result, children will once again see possibilities for the future and build up their confidence to pursue their dreams.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)


1. at the invitation of phr.

受…的邀請 (shou4…de1 yao1 qing3)

例: He danced with the villagers at the invitation of the village leader.


2. have a great curiosity about phr.

對…充滿好奇 (dui4…chong1 man3 hao4 qi2)

例: She has a great curiosity about how airplanes work.


3. obtain a deeper understanding phr.

深入了解 (shen1 ru4 liao2 jie3)

例: What should I do to obtain a deeper understanding of your love?


法國籍廚師阿勇(Guillaume Brissaud)來台八年,娶了台灣太太,把台灣當成第二個家鄉。他在新北市新店區經營法國廚房,受家扶基金會的邀請,每個月到烏來區福山部落教導對廚藝有興趣的青少年法式料理,希望幫助偏鄉弱勢青少年實現夢想。





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