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Car falls 30m, driver unhurt
飛墜三十公尺 車摔爛人輕傷

The wrecked car driven by a man surnamed Chen lies on the ground on Aug. 7.

Photo: Huang Chieh, Liberty Times

At 5am on Aug. 7, a black SUV driving along the Sinjhuang section of the road that runs outside the flood barrier between Sanchong and Sinjhuang in New Taipei spun out of control, crashed through the protective railing and fell headlong into the riverbed 30m below. Miraculously, although the SUV was almost completely destroyed, the driver, a man surnamed Chen, only received a few scratches, something witnesses to the incident found almost unbelievable.

Police who looked at the driving recording system say that Chen, 21, drove his SUV along the Sinjhuang section of Highway 65, going north at a speed of 90 km/h. In the inner lane about 100m ahead of Chen, a truck turned on its blinkers and shifted right to change lanes. Chen then swerved to the right and lost control of the car, which started skidding.

The recording shows that the SUV first skidded left and right and then spun to the right and hit the protective railing. The right front wheel first hit the 30cm-high curb separating the bicycle-and-scooter lane from the road, bursting the tire, whereupon the front of the car bounced upward and crashed through the protective railing, falling headlong 30m down. During the fall, the car spun forward to the right and finally landed heavily on its rear. The incident frightened early risers who were exercising in the vicinity and they called the police.

When police and firefighters arrived on the scene, they found that the doors of the SUV had been pushed open, the windows had been crushed and the bumper had been broken in two. Chen was sitting firmly in the driver’s seat, fully conscious with only a few scratches. After being rescued and sent to a hospital, tests showed that he had no alcohol in his blood, and by noon he had returned home to rest.


1. miraculously adv.

奇蹟的 (qi2 ji1de5)

例: He miraculously survived the airplane crash.


2. unbelievable adj.

不可思議 (bu4 ke3 si1 yi4)

例: It is unbelievable that he would win the lottery instead of me.


3. lose control v. phr.

失控 (shi1 kong4)

例: He was so angered by what he saw that he almost lost control.


(Translated by Perry Svensson)






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