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The power of murals
二崙村 用壁畫跟你搏感情

A scooter rider in Erlun Village in Pingtung County’s Jhutian Township on July 17 passes a bas-relief mural showing a historical market scene.

Photo: Chiu Chih-jou, Liberty Times

Erlun Village in Pingtung County used to be the local township administration center during the Japanese colonial era, but that role was later replaced by Jhutian Village, ending Erlun’s days of glory. Erlun villagers became more and more closed-minded. For years, weeds grew along the walls and corners of the village. People stopped caring about one another and allowed even the most inconsequential things to cause disputes.

Village Warden Li I-jen says that “Erlun,” when pronounced in Hakka, sounds like “argument.” It is quite common for Erlun villagers to have arguments or quarrels with one another over things like the neighbor’s dog barking too loudly, somebody’s car not being parked properly or someone’s weeds not being tidied up regularly. These disputes could even end up in a mediation committee. In his nearly 10 years as village warden, Li’s highest record is settling four disputes in one day.

Since the community development association obtained funds and invited artists to work in the village, 10 walls of various sizes have been redesigned, and the originally bleak corners have also been brightened up with lively colorful paintings.

The murals in Erlun Village mostly depict bustling scenes from the village’s past and life in the countryside. Li said that not only has the village recently seen more tourists visiting, but the villagers also have started helping each other. Mediation cases have been greatly reduced, as if the murals had brought out shared memories that join people together, he says.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)



1. closed-minded adj.

(思想)封閉 (feng1 bi4)

例: He used to be a closed-minded man, but now he believes that nothing is impossible.


2. brighten up v. phr.

變得明亮;亮起來 (bian4 de2 ming2 liang4; liang4 qi3 lai2)

例: The minute he showed up, the whole room brightened up.


3. bustling adj.

繁榮;繁忙 (fan2 rong2; fan2 mang2)

例:The bustling life in the night market is the source of her inspiration.






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