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To paint a life

Chang Chun-chieh expresses his creativity on canvas on March 14 in Taipei.

Photo: Kuo I, Liberty Times
照片: 自由時報記者郭逸

“When I was a kid, I would start drawing whenever I got hold of a drawing pen,” said Chang Chun-chieh, who is 24 years old and likes painting anywhere and everything. His artistic creativity can be seen in his sketch books, on the dining tables or even walls. After growing up, his graffiti habit still stayed with him, but he also began to sketch real objects and developed his abstract style. Black and white are the two primary colors that he uses to construct irregular lines and shapes.

During junior and senior high school, Chang put his paint pens aside and stopped painting for a full six years, forcibly threw himself into other pursuits, passed the entrance examination and entered the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National United University. He led an ordinary and peaceful life. Then, three years passed in the blink of an eye. One day in his junior year, he saw Franz Kline’s artwork, Chief. The simplicity of Kline’s lines blew Chang’s mind. When he went home that day and cleaned his room, he suddenly found his childhood sketch books. “A voice spoke to me, saying that I still love drawing the most,” said Chang.

Chang resolved to quit college. As an amateur, he went to art class for one year to drill himself in painting and obtain professional training. Afterward, he passed the exam and entered the department of fine arts at National Taiwan University of Arts.

A few days ago, Chang’s abstract style of painting won him the second place in his first ever national contest, giving him a confidence boost. Chang says painting helps him alleviate worries; in the future, he will even consider study abroad as a way to continue to weave his painting dream.(Liberty times, translated by Ethan Zhan)


1. graffiti n.

塗鴉 (tu2 ya1)

例: Incredible! Tom’s bedroom walls are covered in graffiti.


2. blow one’s mind phr.


(zhen4 she4 mou3 ren2 de5 nei4 xin1)

例: Your music totally blew my mind.


3. drill n.

惡補,特訓 (e4 bu3, te4 xun4)

例: This is a special drill to show you how to be irresistibly sexy.



國、高中時期,張鈞傑將畫筆丟在一旁,整整六年都沒有畫畫,強迫自己投入其他領域,考取聯合大學資工系,生活平淡安穩,一轉眼又過了三年。大三的某日,他看見Franz Kline的作品《Chief》,簡潔的線條震懾他的內心。當天回家整理房間赫見小時候的繪本。「有個聲音告訴我,我還是最喜歡畫畫。」他說。




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